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The Money Prof

Friday, August 31 2012

Building Financial Wealth - How to get started?

As a younger independent person, starting out today and trying to make it big, appears to be an awesomely difficult task. I really do understand this. Seeing other people driving around in fancy cars, living in nice apartments and houses, eating out in nice restaurants, all seem off limits. You ask yourself, "how can they afford it?" It can appear to someone with limited means, an impossible goal to have all these material things.

The fact is, you can have it too, but you need to have a positive attitude. This can take some work. Successful people usually are forward looking. Their preference is to hang with other people that have an "I can do" attitude. Complainers and negative thinkers are not welcome. So, the question is how does one get this attitude? To begin with, get educated about the factors that create personal wealth. Taking a simple personal finance course or reading a few personal finance texts can begin to open your knowledge base about this subject. The more you learn about the topic, the more interested and confident you will become. Financial wealth usually means an abundance of net worth. Building assets through investments that appreciate in value is the core of this wealth center. When you are first starting out, begin small. Invest small amounts in your savings accounts or buy mutual funds or other securities with low transaction costs. The key is consistency, systematic contributions and patience. You will be amazed as to how small amounts grow into big amounts. It will motivate you to do even more. The challenge is to motivate yourself to get started. One technique is to think of something very important to you that you must have (usually referred to as a goal) and cannot do without. For example, let's take an extreme example. Your child needs an operation and It will cost $2,000. I think you probably would do just about anything to get that money. Why, because it is important to you. Just saving money and making investments without any goals, usually will result in lack of continuation. It really is important to think about what is important to you and then invest to meet those goals. Of course to do this, you need a surplus of funds above your normal expenses. This requires getting a good job (or even more than one job), making spending cuts that do not help you build your financial wealth, and selecting investments that will appreciate in value. Time will take care of everything else. So, if you want to build your financial wealth, create a plan for yourself today and work on acquiring that positive attitude.

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