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Saturday, February 28 2015

Is Spring Around the Corner?

What a winter we have had in Maine. Last winter we thought the snow/wind would never stop, but this year has been even more remarkable. Portland averages around 60" of snow annually. This year (as of February 18) we have had 83.5" of snow. Don't feel bad, Caribou averages 116" annually. So, what does all this mean relative to your finances? The answer ....it depends.

One of the benefits of being an employee (and not an owner) is that generally if the office closes down due to a snow day, your benefits remain. As an owner, it can become a double whammy. Most employers will not dock pay, but at the same time, customers may not come in and their revenues are therefore reduced. There are folks that derive income from tips or product commissions which are reduced. The direct cost of snow removal, repairs to property due to snow damage are also concerns that accompany heavy snow storms. These are emergency situations that require cash management planning. Families should have a rainy day fund or emergency reserves account (these are liquid assets that can be converted to cash immediately with no loss of principal). Those that plan travel or are traveling can experience higher costs as well. A key to reducing financial and mental stress is being prepared. Keeping a good supply of water and food, having gas in your car and heating fuel in your homes in anticipation of inclement weather can reduce stress. If you can, keep cash on hand to whether the storm. The past snow storms in Maine have caused numerous problems for all sorts of delivery. Roads were inaccessible and the inability to store snow effectively and remove it, made it almost impossible to obtain needed services and products. One example, is heating fuel. Many families ran out of heating fuel, resulting in frozen pipes and financial hardship.

Maine is truly a wonderful place to live but a little bit of planning goes a far way.....

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