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The Money Prof

Monday, August 31 2015

Ten Financial Tips for the Fall Season

Financial tips maybe similar to golf tips... there are so many, but useless if they are not put into practice. Here are ten ideas that might interest you.

1. A traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can reduce your taxes during the current year and help you invest for those retirement years. Annual contributions if invested the right way can lead to strong compounded returns and higher financial wealth. Roth IRAs should also be considered (especially if you are younger and in a lower tax bracket) leading to tax-free withdrawals in retirement.

2. Consider buying an owner occupied multi-unit residence which will increase your cash flow through rental income.

3. The main keys to investment success are portfolio diversification and patience.

4. Do not put a large amount of your income/assets into depreciating expenditures (high priced cars, excessive clothing purchases, pricey restaurants, etc unless you have already accumulated retirement wealth.

5. Make sure you have the appropriate insurance coverage (auto, housing, life, long term care, liability coverage, etc.)

6. The best investment you can make is in yourself (i.e. college, post secondary trade schools.)

7. Enjoy your job, you will be staying at it for many years.

8. Begin to save and invest when you are young. It makes it so much easier when you are older.

9. Calculate your net worth monthly. Estimate the market value of your assets and then subtract any debt. See how you are progressing. Think of ways to increase net worth.

10. Take some time and speak to older people about their financial successes and failures.

The GOLD COMPANY will help you achieve financial well being.

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